Monday, August 10, 2009

It's not stealing if you're married to her

I feel like I should do something other than talk football, so here's this, which I'm considering a public service, which I hope will get me out of Purgatory.

By the way, something I'm angry about--every single time you see a replay of The Immaculate Reception, you never see Franco actually catch the ball. Watch where the cuts happen. It makes me nuts. Sabol, help me out.

If you're hungry:

Get a whole chicken.
Get the oven up to 350. Farenheit. Sorry celcioids, I just can't ever figure it out.

OK, I checked. It's about 176.

Remember to turn the oven on.

Take the guts and nastiness you don't want out of it.

Cut two onions, of your choosing, in half. Add a lemon if you want. Shove them up inside the chicken. Cover that sucker with olive oil and other goodness. I prefer paprika w/o the lemon. Rosemary. Anything spice drawer derived ought to be ok if you don't get too crazy.

Put it in a baking dish upside down (not the way that balances best) and bake that sucker in that oven for about 45 minutes. Flip it over. Cook for another 45. When it looks done, it probably is. If you're worried, or weird or like it overcooked or whatever your deal is, give it another 10 minutes. Cut it up and eat it. Or just stand there and tear it apart, which could be the advantageous method.

Don't think I know how to cook. I stole this one from my wife. But I'm the one that thinks paprika is the secret to making chicken, which is the fault of a friend of mine from college and his Hungarian Paprika Power t-shirt.

Oh, and know this:

The Titans are wearing Houston Oilers throwbacks this year. Don't think that D isn't coming like they did last year. Jason Jones is gonna eat quarterbacks this year. And when you see #93, his name is Kyle Vanden Bosch.

The Eagles Should Sign Michael Vick

Yeah, I'm saying it.

The Eagles should sign Michael Vick.

I've been reading and watching and hearing about all this for too long, longer than I care to and longer than I should have to. Longer than that damn Favre idiocy.

Due propers to these sites for already beginning the conversation.

Now, I'm not condoning what he's done. In fact, I kind of hate him for it. It was cruel, stupid, and preventable.

But I do believe in forgiveness. I learned it from a guy named Jesus, who has probably already been through the process with him and just wants to know where to rank Vaporub on his Fantasy list. I also know that we have something here in the US of A called double-jeopardy, which means that even Alex Trebek can't try someone twice for the same crime, which also means that Mr. Goodell should let Vick play right away. Jamie Dukes and others are right when they say that he's paid his legal prices and should not be further penalized by The NFL.

Besides, the Eagles, as they say here in Memphis, might could need him. Kevin Kolb just proved himself fragile, on top of already having proven himself somewhat less than acute of mind and aim. I'm not saying get rid of the kid. He, like Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jason Campbell, Tavaris Jackson, and all the other young guys, deserves a chance. I know it's a kill or be killed league--Next Man Up and the like--but I don't think the Iggles should unceremoniously drop Kolb until his play, not an injury, demonstrates his inability.

Just sign Vick to a one or two year deal at the veteran minimum. Hell, give him a cool mil and call it insurance. I love Donovan McNabb. Those that don't need to congratulate. But I also know that D's got injury issues, and that makes me nervous. Getting Vicky Vale might just be the right solution for a minute, which is enough time to find out what's up with Kolb and get on with the season.

Oh, and Reggie, we don't care about your breakup with Kim Kardashian. Put your helmet on and play to your ability. That's all we ask. Save the rest for late February, when we're bored and perhaps ready to care.

Lindsay Soto, hit me up. I wanna work with you guys.

Notes on the Hall of Fame Game

OK, post #1 on this new blog. You can check out the earlier stuff on Art:21 here.

A few observations on last night's Hall of Fame Game, from the Titans perspective.

  • Thank God for Kerry Collins. That little bootleg to Nate Washington in the First Quarter proved that things are looking up for what was a sometimes underwhelming passing game. We all know Kerry's got an arm with some power, but I can't remember when I last saw him roll out that swiftly and direct a play on the run like that.

  • The right side of the O-line needs to block a little better. Chris Johnson hit the back end of the line more than he should have. This line is too good to not open up holes. Johnson's later carries again show that he's best when he can bounce it outside and turn on the jets, but he needs to get a hole now and again. Smashmouth doesn't work if the RB gets his mouth smashed. I'm glad Johnson got to get it up to 3rd or 4th gear later on, but I'm still waiting for overdrive.

  • Speaking of...LenDale looks like he's in for another productive year. The new svelte LenDale had me worried that he wouldn't be as effective in goal line situations. I like being wrong about these things.

  • Can someone give Vince Young a break? Now, I'm as ready as the next guy to cut bait when the situation demands it, but I just don't know yet. Granted, I'm not in that locker room, but Vince did ok last night. His interception was unfortunate. It looked to me like he thought left when the play went right, which is the kind of mental error that can't be tolerated, especially since he's prone to making them under pressure, late in the game. That was a nice TD pass, though he needs to send Paul Williams a card. I think it was Collinsworth who made a nice point about Vince getting mixed signals. Apparently, some people are telling Vince to check his first option, then run while others are telling him to go through the progression. Can we bump running to the third or fourth priority? These WRs and TEs are good and numerous enough to get the job done. Vince, I want you to be a Hall of Famer, but you got to use your eyes and head before your feet. You've got a good team, so this isn't all on you.

  • Hey Patrick Ramsey, welcome to the team. Glad to have you.

  • Alge Crumpler needs to go on with his bad self and all that pass catching. Get that big body up in the air and pull more down.

  • Somebody give Trapasso a hug for me. People never believe me when I tell them that kickers are my favorite players, but I might have to add punters to that as well. And I loves me a trick play.

  • Hey, TO. Nice catches, man. Good to see you on the field this year. People, say it with me...don't hate, congratulate.

OK, I'm out. Please keep reading. I want to get famous on this.

Rich Eisen, get in touch. I want to come work with you.