Thursday, November 12, 2009

Before I Forget

49ers tonight by 10.

And, by the way, Mr. New Orleans Saints. You better be happy we didn't bet on our predictions. 9-4 Me. 7-6 You.

America, keep this in mind. While the rest of you are off doing whatever you're doing, it is now possible to watch at least one new football game per day every day of the week.

Sunday: Games
Monday: Night Football
Tuesday: Replay on NFL Network
Wednesday: Tuesday
Thursday: Night Football on the NFL Network and UFL on Versus
Friday: College
Saturday: Notre Dame


It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

You know what I don't understand? Really, properly don't understand? What the hell is going on with these Christmas decorations being out already. I was talking to my students about this earlier. It was a minor diversion from a lecture filled with amazing paintings. Anyway, I was telling my students that I couldn't wait to get pissed off about Christmas. One of them actually asked if I was going to ruin Christmas for them, "too." Which made me think that I must have ruined something else for them at some point. Since I don't know what I ruined, I'm not going to feel bad about it yet. Anyway, the getting pissed off about Christmas thing is funny, because someone who I know reads this was joking with me about the next episode would come out when I got mad about something. I don't really think I'm that much of a hater. I just believe in righteous anger. And sometimes things get me righteously angry.

Like these damn Christmas ornaments. Don't get it twisted, I love Christmas. After my birthday, it's my favorite holiday. I was hollering at my students today about how I do not understand how the hell Christmas ornaments are already out. I could probably go to a dozen or more places within 10 minutes of my house and get kitted out for Jesusmas like it was happening tomorrow. I just don't understand why I need that now. I mean, damn, we're hardly two weeks out of Halloween, and I know you've all been out there celebrating that. Every year, everyone's celebrating Halloween. And then there's Thanksgiving, which still hasn't happened yet. If I was Thanksgiving, I'd be mad for real. Fo' real.

If I was Thanksgiving and you were Christmas, let's just say it wouldn't be me getting carved up with a side of smashed tuber.

What the hell is so wrong with this stupid country that we need to get our Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving?

Why can we not appreciate each holiday?

Why do we need to be worried about the next one before we even get to this one?

I don't understand. It's making me really angry.