Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paradigm Shift

OK, this will gross some of you out. Vegetarians beware. Vegans don't even bother. Raw fooders, this won't even be in your lexicon.

I went to Hot Doug's in Chicago (corner of S. California and W. Roscoe) this past week.

It changed my life.

I used to think tubed meat was suspect at best. Always a gamble, rarely gourmet.

Holy Sweet Relish was I wrong.

We had a Chicago style dog which, for the uninitiated, involves a beef dog on a sesame seed bun with sliced tomatoes, diced onions, electric green relish, mustard, a sliver of pickle. It's the greatest indigenous twist on a national staple I can think of.

Then, we had two others. Get ready...

A venison and blueberry dog with blackberry sauce and goat cheese and...drum roll please...a duck and black truffle dog with foie gras.


Frankly, I've only had this kind of transformative experience twice before in my life.

The first was Pizza al Volo in Venice. The second was Cozy Corner BBQ in Memphis.

I cannot stress enough how unbelievably superior each of these three eateries are.

I'm going to publish a book called "Three Things to Eat Before You Die."

Cancel that, I just told you. Go forth and engorge.