Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Idiocy makes me mad.

File this under philosorambles. I spelled it Phile the phirst time. No joking, my brain totally shuts off sometimes. I'd appreciate it if someone else can admit to that.

Can somebody explain to me what it is with these crazy rookies? Already, Michael Crabtree has lost his mind and refused to sign his contract. It's preseason, dude. Sign the contract. And now BJ Raji isn't even in the state of Wisconsin? And they're not the only ones. There's a handful of them. Seriously, what is wrong with these dudes?

I've got a thought on this.


I'm not claiming to understand the whole situation, and you all know that the odds of me being a 1st round draft choice in the NFL is about zero. Too bad. I got me some moves. You should see me on the basketball court.

But anyway, what is the dilemma? If it was me, and I was one of those dudes, this would've been done the day after the draft. You need a few hours to wrap your head around the whole NFL Draft thing, and everybody and their brother probably wants to get a picture, which is fair cause it's the NFL for God's sake. But why are these guys holding out? Rich Eisen has a great theory: it's the agents. He reasons that it's the 1st contract that gets the cash to the agenst best. Fair enough. But, guys? You've spent your whole lives doing things to get to this point. And now you're holding out for more money?


See, this is my problem. It's not about the money for me. For me, it's what in the name of whatever is making these dudes so dense that they're going to give up this whole possibility for money? It would make sense to me, if it was me, that this would be a certain fulfillment of a life's work. Even better, the moment at which that life takes a step forward. All I'm saying is that these dudes should SIGN THE CONTRACT. Then, thank the universe that you've been given this chance. Then you get to go play football. Think of the fun. Good thing I'm not somebody's Momma. They'd have to get a security guard. I mean, for real, am I the only one? I know Jay-Z talks about it.

It's the Roc.

I can tell the future

So, they're out. The predictions. Andy Benoit's got them up. I'm happy to see the Eagles on top of the NFC East, though those injuries are sure making me nervous. Don't get me wrong, I think Andy Benoit is a great football thinker, and I read his page all the time, but what I can't figure out is how he, like much of the universe, is convinced that the Colts are the chosen team in the AFC South. This is a team sport guys. Peyton Manning might be one of the chosen few, but he only has one ring so far. (Someone should ask Big Ben what he thinks about that.) And I can't quite figure out why people are being so dismissive of the Titans.

Anyway, I'm calling it right now. The NFC North is going to be the most interesting division in the NFL this year. Not the best, the most interesting. Here's why:

#1: The Lions really stink. Really badly. Think zombie breath. That's the number one reason this'll be an interesting year. Golden Boy Matthew Stafford, who might be the real thing if the team manages his preparedness well, could be one hell of a story. Or one hell of a bust, if they let him go out there and get killed. And besides, Calvin Johnson is sick. And they've got Jim Schwartz, who you all probably know from the Titan's defense, which wreaked lots of havoc last year. All they need is one win and we've got a story. I predict it'll be September 21 against San Francisco. Otherwise, we might have to wait until the Tampa Bay game.

#2: The Vikings need a quarterback. I think Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels are both good enough to drive the boat, but I just don't know. QB competitions are rarely healthy, and this one may be detrimental to a team I would otherwise favor for the divisional title.

#3: Jay Cutler is a big fat tantrum waiting to happen. Again. He's already proven himself to be a total prima donna, and a big fat rocket for an arm isn't gonna keep his big fat mouth from opening. People need to stop riding his jock like they do Peyton's. And I'm totally intrigued with this Devin Hester is now a #1 receiver thing. Lastly, people think this could be the year that Matt Forte becomes, gasp, Adrian Peterson's equal or better. I'd love to see that.

#4: The Pack is on the way back. Probably not to the promised land, but I think this Rodgers guy is the real deal and I love Donald Driver. Unless someone important gets hurt or this defense blows up, I think the Packers will win at least 9 games and get the division. They might get past the Falcons, if the playoffs get scheduled like that. Otherwise, forget it. But we will see a change of leadership in the division.