Monday, August 10, 2009

It's not stealing if you're married to her

I feel like I should do something other than talk football, so here's this, which I'm considering a public service, which I hope will get me out of Purgatory.

By the way, something I'm angry about--every single time you see a replay of The Immaculate Reception, you never see Franco actually catch the ball. Watch where the cuts happen. It makes me nuts. Sabol, help me out.

If you're hungry:

Get a whole chicken.
Get the oven up to 350. Farenheit. Sorry celcioids, I just can't ever figure it out.

OK, I checked. It's about 176.

Remember to turn the oven on.

Take the guts and nastiness you don't want out of it.

Cut two onions, of your choosing, in half. Add a lemon if you want. Shove them up inside the chicken. Cover that sucker with olive oil and other goodness. I prefer paprika w/o the lemon. Rosemary. Anything spice drawer derived ought to be ok if you don't get too crazy.

Put it in a baking dish upside down (not the way that balances best) and bake that sucker in that oven for about 45 minutes. Flip it over. Cook for another 45. When it looks done, it probably is. If you're worried, or weird or like it overcooked or whatever your deal is, give it another 10 minutes. Cut it up and eat it. Or just stand there and tear it apart, which could be the advantageous method.

Don't think I know how to cook. I stole this one from my wife. But I'm the one that thinks paprika is the secret to making chicken, which is the fault of a friend of mine from college and his Hungarian Paprika Power t-shirt.

Oh, and know this:

The Titans are wearing Houston Oilers throwbacks this year. Don't think that D isn't coming like they did last year. Jason Jones is gonna eat quarterbacks this year. And when you see #93, his name is Kyle Vanden Bosch.


  1. Football + chicken recipe? You seem unfocused. Get back in your sphere.

  2. I posted a long, thoughtful comment, but your blog machine ate it, evidently :(

  3. Cacking blog machine. Was it about football? Please repost. Nothing is more fun than talking about football.