Monday, August 10, 2009

The Eagles Should Sign Michael Vick

Yeah, I'm saying it.

The Eagles should sign Michael Vick.

I've been reading and watching and hearing about all this for too long, longer than I care to and longer than I should have to. Longer than that damn Favre idiocy.

Due propers to these sites for already beginning the conversation.

Now, I'm not condoning what he's done. In fact, I kind of hate him for it. It was cruel, stupid, and preventable.

But I do believe in forgiveness. I learned it from a guy named Jesus, who has probably already been through the process with him and just wants to know where to rank Vaporub on his Fantasy list. I also know that we have something here in the US of A called double-jeopardy, which means that even Alex Trebek can't try someone twice for the same crime, which also means that Mr. Goodell should let Vick play right away. Jamie Dukes and others are right when they say that he's paid his legal prices and should not be further penalized by The NFL.

Besides, the Eagles, as they say here in Memphis, might could need him. Kevin Kolb just proved himself fragile, on top of already having proven himself somewhat less than acute of mind and aim. I'm not saying get rid of the kid. He, like Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Jason Campbell, Tavaris Jackson, and all the other young guys, deserves a chance. I know it's a kill or be killed league--Next Man Up and the like--but I don't think the Iggles should unceremoniously drop Kolb until his play, not an injury, demonstrates his inability.

Just sign Vick to a one or two year deal at the veteran minimum. Hell, give him a cool mil and call it insurance. I love Donovan McNabb. Those that don't need to congratulate. But I also know that D's got injury issues, and that makes me nervous. Getting Vicky Vale might just be the right solution for a minute, which is enough time to find out what's up with Kolb and get on with the season.

Oh, and Reggie, we don't care about your breakup with Kim Kardashian. Put your helmet on and play to your ability. That's all we ask. Save the rest for late February, when we're bored and perhaps ready to care.

Lindsay Soto, hit me up. I wanna work with you guys.

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