Sunday, March 14, 2010

Point of Order: Civilization, For the Ladies

Attention members of the fairer sex.

I've already pilloried the guys for this, but now it's your turn.

I realize that public restrooms are often not the most sanitary places.

And, I realize, that as the more evolved of our species, you have developed the ingenious and admittedly more sanitary "squat" technique.

But, ladies, since we all know that intelligence and beauty come at the expense of aim, let me ask the following.

After you have finished, please leave the restroom as clean as possible for the rest of us.

Some of these restrooms are universal.

Maybe I'm a bit precious, but I don't like to walk into a loo that looks like a monsoon has just passed through.

You think you're grossed out, dear reader? Imagine how I felt.


1 comment:

  1. That goes double for the sculpture area restroom where people are insisting on scribbling the most moronic psuedo-philosophy in the world. Not to mention that you think in a school full of artists, someone with proper drawing skills would scrawl something decent on the doors instead of the middle-school level doodles that grace the far end stall. It's already been painted over twice. I'll lose my mind if I see the graffiti go up again.
    ALSO, I feel like the hygiene in the women's restrooms would be greatly improved with "personal stall trashcans" if you catch my drift, thanks. I've run into far too much abandoned trash.