Monday, January 4, 2010

Point of Order

Dear American Men,

I am one of you.

I understand how things are.

However, I would like to publicly shame certain members of this shared demographic.

Given that we are all members of what I would still like to consider civilization...

Flushing toilets after use is not optional.

In the course of a single afternoon, I happened upon two public toilets in which the previous user left a less than welcome present.

This is unacceptable.

Please flush.

Letting it mellow, even with the most eco-friendly intent, is not acceptable in public.

Thank you.

With regards,


PS: This is a good habit in private as well.

PPS: The ladies will thank you for this as well.


  1. Don't thank me yet. That'll be appropriate when we vanquish this plague upon all of our houses. Godspeed flushers!

  2. the "courtesy flush" would also be appreciated

  3. I dont flush my pee at night or in public restrooms because it saves water every time. During the day.. after that first morning pee, i flush until my last night pee.... and then whatever pee i have to make at night and public places... i never flush, cus I assume i'm saving the state or private business some money and a little saving the planet by not doing so. Some people are trying to be ecofriendly :)