Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Memphis Malarkey

One of the other things that we have here in spades is good radio.

Check out the following.

WEGR-FM 102.7 classic rock

WKQK-FM 94.1 funk soul r&b

WEVL-FM 89.9 hawaiian slack key guitar the best rock show ever is on friday evenings susan does a show with louisiana music there is apparently a metal show on sundays that i keep forgetting to listen to because i listen to enough metal already and they do all sorts of things that you have and have not heard all of which is of extraordinarily high quality

WKNO-FM 91.1 is our NPR/classical

I'm not kidding. If you skip around between those four stations, you don't ever run out of something to listen to.


  1. How can you forget 98.9? It's "music for generation X" with three minute commercial breaks between a thirty minute set of music that normally includes Marcy Playground, Nelly, Vertical Horizon, and Destiny's Child if you're lucky.

  2. Funny thing is, I was talking to a friend last night and realized that I left it out. Partially because listening to the station gives me vertigo from all the genre hopping. I love it, but it's confusing.

  3. The metal show on Sundays is the First Church of Rock and before that JB has his show that spans quite a few genres. Sundays were always my favorite WEVL days.