Monday, January 11, 2010

The 2010 LeRoys

Attention everybody!

Since this year is my Dad's 70th birthday, I'm inaugurating a new tradition.

Don't worry. You haven't missed his birthday yet. You can still get him something.

I hereby announce The 2010 LeRoys.

Now, just because it's my Dad's birthday and he's got an award named after him doesn't mean he wants to be bothered. Sometimes quiet is what he's going for, so don't bug him unnecessarily. If he wants to talk, you'll know.

First things first, the rules...

The LeRoys are awarded when there are sufficient deservees.
The LeRoys may be awarded in any category.
The LeRoys at the present do not award material objects.

If you are the namesake of a LeRoy and do not wish to be so, please let The Management know and amends will be made.

The above does not apply to my Dad.

All speeches must be left in writing as a comment to this post. Please consider that children may be reading.

If you do not like sports, keep reading. There are non-sports categories.

And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we go...

The 2010 LeRoys...


Stupidest NFL Trade You Never Heard About: Chris Carr (from TEN to BAL)

Least Stupid NFL Trade You Did Hear About: Albert Haynesworth (from TEN to WAS)

Best Trade of the Year for Me: Zach Randolph (from LAC to MEM)

The I Told You So: Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez

Rookie of the Year: The Sanchize, Brian Cushing, Beanie Wells

Coach of the Year: Rex Ryan’s mouth

Offensive MVP: CJ2K

Defensive MVP: Darelle Revis tie with Charles Woodson

Excellence in Journalism: Rich Eisen and the staff of NFL Total Access

Miserability in Journalism: Tony Dungy and the NBC Saturday AFC Wild Card team (Hammond, Gibbs, Theismann)

Best Maintenance of an Immaculate Legacy: Cris Collinsworth

Book of the Year: Chad Ochocinco’s autobiography

Excellence in Fandom: Andre Nistico’s collection of Jets jerseys

Most Overreactive Fan Base: Memphis Tigers tie with Philadelphia Eagles

Most Sensible Ownership Decision: Da Bears, for keeping Lovie Smith


Best Photo: Evan Stark’s thumb drawing tie with Isabelle Lachat’s Medievalism

The Julie Henderson Award for Hilarious Posting: John Dowgin

Best Entertainment Posting: Jim Alan Cook

The Making Kids Seem Amusing Award: Julie Henderson tie with Nikki Green

The Making Us More Socially Aware Award: Rebeccah Sanders

International Hilarity: Ilaria Simeoni


Best Album You May Have Forgotten About: The Singles Soundtrack

Best Movie Seen on Netflix: Coraline tie with Berlin: Symphony of a City

Best Movie Seen in the Theatre: GI Joe

Most Underwhelming Movie Seen on Netflix or in the Theatre: Inglorious Basterds

Opinion You Must Hear: Maureen Dowd

Best Ice Cream (awarded in perpetuity): Blue Bell Creamery

Best Band Hardly Anyone Likes: The band

Best Airport Book: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction (written by David Michaels)


  1. It's an honor to accept this award for best Facebook photo (even if it's a tie-- I almost feel as robbed as I did at the '94 NBTHS Battle of the Bands). All this could not have been possible without the inimitable LeRoy and the dogs. I'd like to thank my lovely wife, who immortalized my likeness on her thumb.

  2. jesus christ...where to start.

    First, Inglorious Basterds, it was a great movie. Plain and simple. Anytime Hitler dies in a movie should give said movie instant credit.

    Second, Joe Theisman was pathetic. I read in the NYTimes that he spoke for what accounted for 29:00 minutes of airtime. NBC does not have a second team. However, Tom Hammond is excellent at what he does, the other two really made it painful.

    The band? goodness, they really are dreadful. Oh you do know that the lead singer is French and that he lip synchs all the songs.

    more later

  3. Oh my god, I am so honored by my award and to have an award named after me! You're awesome. Also, I think your blog logo is hilarious.