Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Best Art Show You Never Saw

You missed it.

A few weeks ago, October 11-17 if I'm not mistaken, I had an art show at MCA's No Exit Gallery.

I occupied the space, mentally, with an art show.

I didn't make anything or put anything in it.

Just the mental art show in the space.

I didn't even sign the sheet to reserve the gallery.

I just saw the opening and took it.


Doesn't even matter if there were other objects in the gallery.

Mentally, it was mine.

The only evidence that I have of this art show of mine is a text message sent to me in regards to my inquiring about the availability of the space, and a subsequent telephone conversation with the same person regarding my writing about this show on this blog.

One of its primary themes was fraudulence.

Of the artist, as such discursively and in practice.

Of the critical voice and industry as arbiter of artistic and academic validity, discursively and in regard to taste.

Of the art object itself, discursively and in actuality.

And the process of its creation, both physically and mentally.

It was simultaneously, and continues to be, a referendum of the audience concerning the rate of acceptance of this art show as an art show unto itself.

References available upon request.


  1. slow down. you're going to tear a hole in the fabric of the universe.